Topologi Professional Edition helps industrial publishers create, maintain and manage XML, SGML and HTML documents, plus images, video, audio and Service-Oriented Architecture publishing systems

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Here are screen shots showing just some of Topologi Professional Edition's amazing features, looking through the menus.

(Note that these screenshots come from a pre-release version of the editor: version 2.3 may have slight differences. XP, Linux and Mac users may have different look-and-feel.)

File Menu

Breadcrumb Bar File Chooser

Expert File Chooser

Text Conditioning


Edit Menu



Search Menu


Markup Menu


Validate Menu




Character Menu



Browse Menu

Peers Menu






Common editing functions, pen selection and grey-out are available in the Edit Tool Bar


Navigate and Switch between Preview, Properties and Pretty views in the Browser Tool Bar.


Animated Guides of Common Operations

The basic user interface for editing (Flash 300KB), (AVI 1.1MB).

Editing: proofing modes, the markup pens, rectangular selection and markup pens, indenting text, the tableau editor (Flash 1.1MB), (AVI 38MB).


Additional Components