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Topologi Professional Edition helps industrial publishers create, maintain and manage XML, SGML and HTML documents, plus images, video, audio and Service-Oriented Architecture publishing systems

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Release and update information

Version 2.0

The current release is version 2.0 dated 2004-5-25 available for Windows only. This version takes advantage of JRE 1.4.2. A version for Linux will be available shortly. (A version for Mac OS X will be made available if there is demand, however, it is currently not our first priority. Please contact us if you would like to order a Mac OS X version.)

A changelog is available here.

Upgrading from Markup Editor

The Professional Edition is available at a discount for existing users of the Collaborative Markup Editor. The Professional Edition does not require uninstalling the Collaborative Markup Editor.


To preview video, audio, animations and music, install Apple QuickTime for Java from Apple. Download QuickTime, and select the "QuickTime for Java" option.


QuickTime is not available for Linux; consequently Professional Edition version 2.0 will not preview video, audio, animations and music under Linux. However, image and text formats can be previewed and validated.

Some combinations of Linux/Java assume there is a soundcard, resulting in various error messages. Version 2.0 of the editor has an option to turn off audio cues and beeping.

There is a long-running bug in Linux JREs, that the IP address of the current computer is always detected as (i.e. as "localhost"). To make the peer-to-peer collaborative features work, you will have to enter your IP address by hand. Do this in the Net>Start and Stop menu item. Stop the peer networking; enter your IP address; start the peer networking again. To discover your IP address, go to a shell and type the command /sbin/ifconfig and look at the address labelled inet addr.

Please note that if you move the editor to a new location, you will need to adjust the shell scripts accordingly, if you are using a system-wide JRE. Please note that the editor is a single-user application: to support multiple users, duplicate the distribution (update the shell script) and link (share) the directories jar/, jre/, bin/.