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Release and update info

Version 2.4

The current release is version 2.4 dated 2005-05-14 available for Windows and 2005-02-11 for Linux only. This version requires JRE 1.4.2 or 1.5.

Version 2.4 adds a utilities button to invoke other utilities. Also it is a few meg lighter for download, and has reorganized internal design.

The version of 2005-05-13 had a faulty start.bat file which resulted in too long command line for older windows. (The fix is easy: remove the string "%cd%/" on the line that generates the classpath.)

Version 2.3 features include:

  • New stripes to match Topologi Utilities
  • Fast callable from Topologi Utilities
  • No bundling of JRE
  • Labels on toolbar, editor gadget bar, sidebar
  • Wrong help file was being distributed. Update Help
  • Pen sequencing
  • File>Snapshot meets user request for sending examples to gurus
  • Jump to next/previous change
  • Colors changed, especially for PIs. End-tags lighter than start-tag
  • Happy tags: simple coloured shapes underneath start delimiters
  • Ctrl-Enter fixed to toggle on/off sidebar display and not reset auto-complete
  • Cut to new file opens new tab and insert comment at position of cut
  • Spell-checking, registers & line-locking enabled for Markup Editor users, not just TPRO users
  • End of 30-day eval period, File, Edit, Search, Characters and Help menus still available, so the editor can be used from Utilities. Markup, Pens, Validate, Peers, and print and preview are disabled then.
  • Various bug fixes

A changelog is available here.

Upgrading to 2.3

Existing Collaborative Markup Editor users can upgrade free to the Markup Editor 2.3 by downloading the evaluation version, installing it, and using a new registration key. 2.3 does not require you to uninstall previous versions.

Version 1.1.6 of the Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor is the result of a substantial profiling effort: the editor can now open files of over 50 Meg. Other features include wheel mouse support, non-English RTF import, more characters in the character chooser menu, improved file chooser (hex and image previewers now available on all platforms), improved Linux support, improved file recovery, backwards searches, memory-limit warnings, Schematron 1.1.6, improved support for currency character correction on import, improved API for connecting to external batch processes, and speed-ups of up to 30%. New application notes are available for memory settings for handling very large files and for a simplified API for running external processes (such as Perl or OmniMark® scripts).

A simple changelog can be found here.

Mac OS X

Version 1.1.6 installs its editor under /Applications/Topologi/tme1-1 which is usually in the System drive. You can drag the red-t application icon onto your dock for convenient access. Please note that if you move the editor to a new location, you must also edit the property list for the application. Details are in the Installation script.

on the installation is appreciated.


Some combinations of Linux/Java assume there is a soundcard, resulting in various error messages. Version 2.0 of the editor has an option to turn off audio cues and beeping.

There is a long-running bug in Linux JREs, that the IP address of the current computer is always detected as (i.e. as "localhost"). To make the peer-to-peer collaborative features work, you will have to enter your IP address by hand. Do this in the Net>Start and Stop menu item. Stop the peer networking; enter your IP address; start the peer networking again. To discover your IP address, go to a shell and type the command /sbin/ifconfig and look at the address labelled inet addr.

Please note that if you move the editor to a new location, you will need to adjust the shell scripts accordingly, if you are using a system-wide JRE. Please note that the editor is a single-user application: to support multiple users, duplicate the distribution (update the shell script) and link (share) the directories jar/, jre/, bin/.