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Version 1.1.6


Mac® OS X
Version 1.1


Editor Documentation

User Guide (PDF)

Editor Customization Manual (PDF)

Writing Perl and Omnimark Plugins New, Simplified API (PDF)

Editing the Million Line XML Document (PDF)

Brochures for Universal Wire and previewer products

A description of the NII format for configuring the SideBar Assistant is now available in Named Information Items. NII files are placed in XAR (XML Application Archives), which are described in Document-Type Interchange Package: DZIP2.



The best editor for marking text up into XML efficiently is now even better!

All the great features of TCME 1.0 plus

  • Redesigned user interface
  • Simpler progressive validation
  • Automatic template creation from DTDs
  • Tag-locking to reduce typos
  • Auto-numbering for IDs
  • Tells you the name of characters missing from the display font
  • Highlight tags by prefix or start string
  • XML 1.1 with Unicode 4 with surrogate support
  • Supports even larger files with even faster load times
  • Timer for Repetitive Strain Injury minimization
  • Simple XQuery editing mode

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The Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor is the editor component of the Topologi Professional Edition 2.2. (The Professional Edition additionally features spell-checking, line-locking, context-sensitive tree-editing and integration with reporting and analytic tools.) It is the only application developed to make XML markup easy and efficient, especially for professional publishing. Other editors concentrate on data entry, but ignore the start of the process (markup) and the end of the process (production touch-up). Only TCME helps you at every stage, while letting you escape the future maintenance trap of editors that require GUI customization.

  • Fast.
  • Easy to install.
  • Handles files over one million lines long.
  • Excellent Unicode internationalization.

Pricing and evaluation information


Version 2.3 available for Windows® and Linux®. (Version 1.1.6 available for Mac OS X®.)

Unregistered evaluation copies now are nagware: after certain operations will flash a reminder.

Existing customers may upgrade to Version 2.3 using their current registration number without extra payment.

Discount available to upgrade to Topologi Professional Edition 2.2.

us for free licenses for training and charities.