New to version 2.3

  • Fast call other Topologi utilities
  • Pen Sequencing
  • Happy Tags
  • Line Locking
  • Cut Registers
  • Save Screenshot
  • Cut to File
  • Jump to Next Changed

Other features

  • Convenient tabbed interface
  • Spell-checking
  • Comprehensive, standard keyboard shortcuts
  • No configuration required to open and edit files
  • Extensive facilities for adjusting whitespace HTML validation and tidying
  • SGML validation and editing (requires download of SGML Option)
  • Help pages
  • Fast switching to other Topologi utilities
  • Plus more

Who uses this and why?

  • Military: proven efficiency in large markup projects. Also used to assure high quality requirements
  • Libraries, literature: convenient operation for minimally-trained tagging staff


  • Windows XP, 2000, NT
  • 128 Meg RAM
  • Recent Java (JRE 1.4.2, JRE 1.5) As of Markup Editor 2.3, a Java runtime is not bundled.




No other editor is aimed at making markup efficient!

The Markup Editor lets you plough through large amounts of text markup and handle documents over a million lines long.

The Markup Editor will save you time and guarantee the quality of your data!

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Mark the start and end tag up with one swipe of the mouse! Users can define their own pen sets. Control-swipe to tag multiple lines in the same way. Use rectangular selection to mark large numbers of table cells at the same time.

Pen Sequencing
Mark complex structures up: each swipe selects the next pen to use. Fast and friendly.

Automatically generate IDs or other numbers when tagging with pens.

Happy Tags
Tags are clearly shown, with a combination of font, colour, outlining and highlighting. Delimiter highlighting lets you quickly locate comments, references, PIs, markup declarations. Syntax errors are circled in red, with a helpful repair message displayed.

Special Cut, Copy and Paste actions
Markup-aware actions include Paste, cleaning out attributes and content and Cut to New File which is useful for breaking a large file into entities or included files. Ten special cut registers are provided.

Validate Schematron
Schematron is the secret weapon of the large publishing players for assuring quality. Express business and publishing rules.

Search the document for errors in well-formedness or validity: DTD, XML Schemas, RELAX NG, Examplotron.

Validate and List
Generate a list of all validation errors. The list can be sorted in various ways, to spot repeated or systematic errors more easily. Use the list to navigate through the document.

Send the current document to a scriptable previewer, for example through an XSLT script to HTML.

Element and entity name completion, and template insertion. Templates can be automatically generated from a DTD, or custom built.

Select the particular schemas, stylesheets and templates for each document. Use the templates set up for another document. Save and load the files to an XAR (XML Application Archive).

Create a new document, including starting with a script-created template.

Search backwards and forward, using Western, Eastern or regular expression conventions. List, sort and save all the search results, for example to obtain a list of figures.

Send the document through a transform script, using the full power of Java, or an external processor such as Perl.

Help and get help from your co-workers: instant messaging, annotatable screenshots, file contention warning.

Remember a position in text, and return to it later. Markup Editor also marks each changed line (removes green box at right margin) and you can jump through the document to each changed section.

Have a problem that requires resolution from the technical expert? Save and annotate a screenshot, and send that rather than having extra copies of the document floating around.

Full Unicode 3.2 and partial Unicode 4.0 support. Includes comprehensive character-encoding support including automatic detection of the XML encoding. Comprehensive whitespace manipulation.

Line Locking
Essential for large repetitive documents. Quarantine areas before and after your working area.

Tag locking
Prevents accidental back or forward spacing over tags.

RSI Guard
Warns when editor has been in continual use without respite for a potentially harmful period of time.

The functionality of this tool is also integrated in the Topologi Professional Edition.