The best editor for marking text up into XML efficiently is now even better!

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Features, screenshots and animated guides


The Topologi Collaborative Markup Editor features:

  • best support for large files of any XML editor — open and edit files of over one million lines
  • best in class for search-and-replace speed and features — including search and replace, search and tag, Eastern (space-ignoring) search, and colored regular expressions
  • best tweaking of whitespace — featuring the unique Spaceman and Foreman tools, and Input and Output Conditioners on file open and save
  • best support for collaboration and productivity — built-in peer-to-peer networking helps workers help each other, plus tools for progressive markup and progressive validation
  • best support of schema languages of any editor — DTDs, W3C XML Schema and Schematron ISO RELAX NG (full or complex), and the ultra-simple Examplotron
  • best user feedback on syntax errors — with our unique markup-aware user interface, you are in charge: work with documents in any state, and in the order you choose
  • best support for trainers — students get instant feedback on syntax errors, can annotate and exchange screenshots
  • best support for Internationalization — Unicode support for most world scripts including European and Asian languages, special search modes for East Asian text
  • cross-platform — Windows®, Mac OS X® and Linux®
  • developer support — XSLT validation and preview, and Java class browser for plugin development
  • comes with support for HTML, XHTML and ZIP
  • best support for charities — contact us about our free license
  • and what you need: Best Licensing.


See these screenshots for the Topologi Professional Edition 2.0

The Collaborative Markup Editor 2.3 is the editor component from the Professional Edition. (The Professional Edition also has advanced features such as multi-file operations, the Media Browser, Lexical Reporting, Structure Reporting, multiple cut-buffers, region-locking and spell-checking.)


The screenshots shown on the following tour take you through many of the important tools in the editor. As you will see, many of the tools have features which have never before been in an XML or text editor.

Click here for a screenshot tour through the features....


Animated Guides of Common Operations

The basic user interface (Flash 300KB).

Editing: proofing modes, the markup pens, rectangular selection and markup pens, indenting text, the tableau editor (Flash 1.1MB).


(Note, the new version 2.1 of the editor has some enhancements which are not reflected in these screenshots.)